The Growing App Market

In order to help mobile developers better understand where the app industry is growing, our friends and partners at Application Developers Alliance have created a new infographic called “The Growing App Marketplace” that analyzes the state of the mobile app economy in the U.S.

In this infographic, you will receive…

  • Deconstructing mobile device use in the U.S. – Find out how smartphone and tablet usage differs, and how mobile device users are downloading apps.
  • Analysis of app downloads – Uncover statistics on apps downloaded by Americans on their smartphones versus their tablets.
  • Dissecting discoverability – Understand how the majority of Americans are introduced to new mobile apps.

It will help you find opportunities for more downloads and greater revenue. I hope you find this infographic useful!

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  • Alexander BK

    Great and very helpful infographic, thank you!

  • Kunal Gwalani

    Nice n helpful infographic – thanks!