The Formula For Creating A Plethora of Winning App Ideas

Every new feature added to your mobile device is simply another brilliant opportunity for developers to innovate! It can lead to a plethora of new ideas, games and app innovations. If you’re ready to learn how to come up with a great app idea to capitalize on these new features, read this…

The world of mobile app development is incredibly exciting.

It is ever-evolving and ever-expanding. Every new feature added to every mobile device is simply another brilliant opportunity for developers to innovate!

Consider this: five years ago, the App Store did not exist. Today, there are over 650,000 apps on the iPhone alone.

Who knows what infinite possibilities will be unlocked for mobile app developers over the next five years?

At Rockupied, we have a constantly growing spreadsheet of app ideas, the quality of which range from “What was I thinking??” to “This has potential!” We make it a point to set time aside every week and just think.

Is there any method to our madness? Why yes. Yes there is.

Rockupied’s 7 Amazing Tips for Brainstorming App Ideas:

1. Always analyze the market

Know the apps on the App Store Top Charts at all times. Use them. Analyze them. Why are they so popular? How did they get on the top of the charts? Keep a notebook on what you discover.

2. No hunches

Use what you find at the top of the charts as a guide. It’s a cheat sheet into the minds of the consumer. Past successful app models and features, when applied in different ways, lead to brilliant “tested” app ideas.

Can any top app out there be made in a different (and improved) way? You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Brainstorming is just the output of many combined inputs anyway, right?

3. Solve problems

Entrepreneurs view the world in this way. They identify problems and see them as opportunities. Do this.

How can your problems be solved with an app? Solve your own problems using an app, and you might be able to solve this for millions of
people… with millions of dollars.

4. Create experiences

Tell a story. Someone very smart once told me the only ways to monetize an idea is to either teach me something, make me laugh, or tell me a story. Get your users emotionally invested in your app. It doesn’t matter if your app is a game or a mobile dictionary…how you present it is everything.

5. Be Your Target Audience

It’s a simple question: Would you use the app you are making? If the answer is no, you should probably try something else.

6. Find the “It” Factor

Every successful app has given its users some reason to spread the word about it. Find that special reason people are going to tell others about your creation. Find your differentiator. Your “It” factor.

7. Don’t delay… go for it!

If you are waiting for the “perfect” idea to pop into your head, you will never start. Follow these rules the best you can, pick something, and GO FOR IT!

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