CASE STUDY: What if Apple Rejects Your App?

In this short case study video, Brett Wash of Awesome App Lab, shares with us his experience of having his app rejected 7 times before Apple FINALLY accepted it. Short cut your app publishing learning curve by learning from his mistakes, and successes by watching watching this video now.

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  • Mark Sim

    Brett, thanks for sharing your app, but I was interested in why your app was rejected 7 times. You gave one reason as not entertaining enough, but was wondering why the other 6 times.

    • Brett

      Hi Mark, If I remember correctly this was the list :)
      1/ Originally I had a ‘Slide To Open’ feature. Apple said that was too similar to theirs :( 2/ I turned off the sound of the camera so users would get more of a shock. I had to chance this to a on/off switch 3/ The name gave the impression it was a real security app. I added the work ‘Prank’ 4/ The description gave the impression it was a real app : ( I just made sure I added the words entertainment about a million times :) 5/ Screen shots arrrrrr 6 & 7/ I think were again due to meta data. Hope that helps, Brett