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Thomas Strock is a 16 year old app developer, entrepreneur, and founder of MobileAppTycoon.com. After making the dive into the world of entrepreneurship as a published children's book author at the age of 12 years old, Thomas turned to internet marketing before finally entering into the mobile app space where he spends the majority of his energy now. Make sure to check out his free eBook "The Complete Guide to Coming Up with KILLER App Ideas!" which you can find on his website: MobileAppTycoon.com

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Should You Code Apps Yourself or Outsource?

A common excuse that can halt your app making efforts is that you don’t know how to code. Well fear not, you have options. You can either learn to code or have it outsourced to someone who already knows how to do it. In this article, app developer, Thomas Strock walks you through the decision making process so that you can get on with building your app!

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