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Founded and ran a 7-figure boutique advertising agency catering to international client (i.e. got to take lots of “business trips” to the Caribbean)? Yup. Worked as an online and affiliate marketing gun-for-hire on multiple 7-figure product launches? Been there done that. So what was the natural next step for Matthew Lütz? Apps of course As Co-Founder and COO of AppClover.com, Matthew, along with his business partner and CEO Len Wright, are working diligently at creating and maintaining a global app marketing and monetization online resource hub and community, along with publishing the world’s first monthly app marketing and monetization mobile magazine – AppreneurMagazine.com, and building a platform for people to publish their own Apple Newsstand app, called Appzine Machine – whew! And when Matthew’s not doing all that work stuff, he leads a pretty quiet life with his family in California … well, as quiet as it can be with a 3.5 and a 16 month old

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Tapping Into Success: The New ‘Appreneur’

You’ve probably begun to notice the word ‘Appreneur’ sprouting up in the industry. And if you’re not quite familiar with what an Appreneur is, don’t worry, not many people are. This article will sus out the differences between the traditional entrepreneur from that of today’s appreneur.

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