Management Team

Len Wright – Co-Founder and CEO

Len Wright brings to the table over 20 years experience in sales, human behavior, online and offline marketing, joint ventures and App brokering, and offers a unique edge in the Mobile App Market.

As a natural connector and master communicator, he has the unique ability to connect the dots and create massive leverage within the projects he works with – like his most ambitious project to date, “Appzine Machine” – which is a do-it-yourself digital magazine app creation platform that’s so easy, anyone can use it.

Prior to starting AppClover, the #1 contributor-based website for app marketing and monetization, Len Co-Founded the Manifest Station online resource center, which brought together best-selling “celebrity” authors, coaches and top entrepreneurs from all walks of life, which resulted in an excess of over 650 hours worth of training videos, plus hundreds of articles, audio interviews, and content.

Len created alliances through networking, relationship building and having the ability to introduce an idea with huge value along with a clear message of how everyone would benefit… and that is Len’s greatest strength that he brings to AppClover & Appzine Machine.

Len also brings an energetic passion for building strong value based relationships while creating win-win deals that always represent his personal philosophy of service and integrity.

Matthew Lutz – COO

Founded and ran a 7-figure boutique advertising agency catering to international client (i.e. got to take lots of “business trips” to the Caribbean)? Yup. Worked as an online and affiliate marketing gun-for-hire on multiple 7-figure product launches? Been there done that. So what was the natural next step for Matthew Lütz? Apps of course 😛

As COO of, Matthew, works diligently at creating and maintaining a global app marketing and monetization online resource hub and community, and building a platform for people to publish their own Apple Newsstand app, called Appzine Machine – whew!

And when Matthew’s not doing all that work stuff, he leads a pretty quiet life with his family in California … well, as quiet as it can be 3 kids, all under the age of 6!

Greg Johnson, Chief Technology Officer

Greg Johnson – Chief Technology Officer

Our resident Obi-Wan of Technology, Greg brings a decade of experience building reliable solutions for real business problems. He speaks Geek fluently in several different (programming) languages, and having spent most of his career in the information-marketing industry, Greg is uniquely qualified to help us in our goal to provide the Tools and Resources that App Developers and Appreneurs can use to increase their profits and their Marketing ROI.

In his work here at AppClover, Greg is responsible for keeping our presence on the web up and running smoothly and overseeing our various Web Development Projects. Currently, Greg is keeping busy with architecting and managing the development of AppZine Machine, our groundbreaking new web application for creating and publishing magazine apps onto mobile outlets like Apple’s Newsstand and Google’s Play marketplace.